Educational Technology

Summer semester 2024 (as of 06.02.2024)

M. Ed. BIL1-d Diagnosing, Teaching, Supporting (GYM/HRG)

  • Knowledge transfer with digital media (Schrader)

M. Ed. BIL1-d Diagnosing, Teaching, Supporting (Gr)

  • Learning support with digital media (Schrader)


  • Design and conception of media and media content (Diekmann)


  • VR-based learning environments: Conception, Production and Testing (Schrader) Here are impressions of the course from the winter semester 2022/23:

Learning Modules in the Module Digital Competencies (B. A.)

  • Introduction of digital media & good practice in the teaching-learning context (Schrader)
  • Theoretical foundations of learning with media (Schrader)
  • Approaches to the design of media - principles of design (Schrader)
  • Models for planning instruction with media (Schrader)
  • Gamification concepts for use in educational contexts (Diekmann)
  • Feedback and support in digital teaching-learning media (Schrader)
  • Learning videos: Types and design principles (Diekmann)
  • Learning videos: Technical implementation (Diekmann)

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